Here are some frequently asked questions about the event:

Q: Which charities are being supported this year?
A: Seven good causes are being supported for 2017; The Aurora Centre, Macmillan Cancer Support,  Riding for the Disabled Association Rossington, St Leger Rotary Club Charities,  Sandringham Rovers Junior Football Club, Mayflower Animal Sanctuary and the Friends of Sandall Park.

Q: Who gets what?
A: On the entry form you tick the charity you are supporting and your entry fee goes to them. Our aim (as in previous years) is to get business sponsorship so that ALL your entry fee goes to your charity – we are not there yet for 2017, but we are working on it.

Q: Is this a dash or a walk?
A: Most walk the 1 mile distance and just enjoy the atmosphere – it is a fun day. There are of course a few ‘super Santa’s’ who run it. The route is safe, on tarmac with stewards on the entire route. It is ideal for families with pushchairs, disabled buggies and the elderly. There is even a prize for best decorated wheelchair or pushchair!

Q: What about bad weather?
A: The paths will be gritted if needed. We have previously organised this event at -8c. The only thing that will cause a problem is deep snow as no one would get to the event, in which case it will be rearranged for the following Sunday – but this is the extreme contingency. Watch our website and Facebook for the latest information. In the unlikely event of the Santa Dash being totally cancelled ALL your entry fee will still be donated to your chosen charity.

Q: What do I get for the entry fee?
A: An adult entry of £8 (£10 on the day) gets you a full Santa Suit with hat, beard and a belt as well as medal on completion. A children’s entry of £3 (£5 on the day) gets a set of antlers and a medal. How do we do it for the money? You can’t actually – that is why we have local companies and the Friends of Sandall Park sponsoring various aspects of the day – this ensures that as much money as possible form the  entry money goes back to the charities.

Q: What happens to the money paid as an entry fee?
A: The Friends of Sandall Park, St Leger Rotary Club and local businesses have purchased Santa Suits, Antlers and medals. As much money as possible of your entry fee will be forwarded to the charity of your choice. FoSP and the St Leger Rotary Club make no money out of this event and aim to make as much money as possible for other charities.

Q: Do I have to get sponsorship money?
A: No. But this is the easiest and best way to raise money for your chosen charity. We suggest that in 2017 at least £20.17 sponsorship per person be raised – this is a charity event and your chosen charity needs your support.

Q: Where do I send my sponsorship money?
A: To your chosen charity direct – you will be sent a sponsorship form as part of your entry either by email or post. If for some reason it does not get sent  just Email us (see contacts page) and we will send one to you.

Q: Can children enter?
A: Absolutely. We ask though that children under 15 be accompanied by their parents or responsible person at the event.

Q: What about dogs?
A: There is a prize for the best dressed dog! Dogs MUST be on a lead – and the owners promise not to let their dog bite Santa……….

Q: What about parking?
A: We ask everyone to avoid the parks two main car parks – they will be full from early in the morning. There is ample parking in the lay- bys on Barnby Dun Road and on road parking opposite the park, in the industrial estate off Thorne Road. It is Sunday and most premises will be closed for the day.

Q: Where can I get an entry form from?
A: You can print one off by downloading the forms here. You can also get a form by contacting a chosen charity or calling in at the Tourist Information Centre in Doncaster, Ready Steady Store on Wheatley Hall Road, or you can also enter online through this website by clicking here.

Q: Can I enter online?
A: Yes. You can enter via this website and pay by PayPal. Again, all profit from an entry will go to the charity of your choice The Rotary Club – St Leger will pay any commission charges by PayPal. Just click the menu tab for Register Online on this website or click here.

Q: Can I enter on the day?
A: Yes, but it is cheaper to register in advance. On the day entry is £10 adults, £5 Children and £25 family.

Q: Where can I collect my suit/antlers?
A: From Ready Steady Store on Wheatley Hall Road during office hours during the week or  from the main car park of Sandall Park on the Sunday BEFORE the Dash (10am – 12noon Sunday 3rd December 2017) or on the day of the event but the event day is pretty chaotic and busy. You can register in advance and collect or enter and  pay at the same time at Ready Steady Store.


The new Doncaster Santa Dash website is sponsored by Spotty Frogs Soft Play Hire, who also bring Mickey & Minnie Mouse to Sandall Park for the Santa Dash, Easter Egg Hunt & many more events in the park!

Our headline sponsor for the Doncaster Santa Dash is Ready Steady Store. Put simply, the event would struggle to go ahead without them! The staff store the suits and antlers, accept registrations, allocate Santa Suits and antlers and help on the day of the event.

Friends of Sandall Park and the Rotary Club St Leger organise the Doncaster Santa Dash to raise money for charities in Doncaster. Each year the number of participants increases to make it a successful event. Please come and join us!