Car Parking

The main car park will NOT be available for general use on the event day as it  will be used for staging, official event vehicles and blue badge holders.

There is ample parking around the park on Barnby Dun Road and on the industrial estates opposite the park on Thorne Road. Most businesses will be closed on a Sunday and there is more than enough room. Just allow a little more time to walk to the park, especially if you have not collected your Santa suits and antlers in advance.


Disabled Parking

blue badge

Clearly space for blue badge holders will be limited because of the nature of the charities being supported by the event so we ask for patience and understanding if things get busy – as they will!

If it is possible for blue badge holders to park nearby or drop someone off and park nearby rather than in the main car park this would help the event and in particular other badge holders where on site parking is essential.

We thank everyone in advance for their cooperation!

The new Doncaster Santa Dash website is sponsored by Spotty Frogs Soft Play Hire, who also bring Mickey & Minnie Mouse to Sandall Park for the Santa Dash, Easter Egg Hunt & many more events in the park!

Our headline sponsor for the Doncaster Santa Dash is Ready Steady Store. Put simply, the event would struggle to go ahead without them! The staff store the suits and antlers, accept registrations, allocate Santa Suits and antlers and help on the day of the event.

Friends of Sandall Park and the Rotary Club St Leger organise the Doncaster Santa Dash to raise money for charities in Doncaster. Each year the number of participants increases to make it a successful event. Please come and join us!